5 Important Exercises for Kids on the Autism Spectrum


All exercise programs for children on the spectrum have to be age, development, ability and interest related. Step one is a complete assessment. These five important exercises are incrementally progressed.

  • Catching a ball

  • Throwing a ball

  • Running, skipping hopping

  • Walking in a straight line, watching where they are going

  • Balancing

Keys to Success

Any exercise program needs a goal a child wants to achieve. If a teenage girl or boy shows an interest in basketball, an autism physical fitness trainer can help him learn to run with coordination, catch a ball, and be able to coordinate cadence and tempo with arm movements. Mastering those skills takes consistency and practice.

Success also depends on a strong support system. For a child to succeed, the caregivers have to be involved and encourage the child to continue working on improvement.

If the exercise therapist gives fun physical homework like throwing a ball, a peer, sibling, parent or caregiver needs to consistently work on that skill with the child.