What We Do

Children and young adults on the spectrum are kids just like all kids. They can play, run, shoot baskets, kick a soccer ball and play catch, just like their counterparts. They just need to be taught in an adapted fashion.

You will see positive changes in as little as eight weeks.

We break down lessons.

We break down lessons.

How we help kids learn

Children on the autism spectrum can achieve fitness! We adapt each child’s lessons to help them develop and expand their capabilities.

For example, when we teach your child to play baseball, we start with teaching them to run from home plate to first base. The bases can serve as visual cues.  Arrows can be used to point out the right direction to move around the bases. To reinforce the behavior and incentivize them to continue, a reward as simple as a sticker, a high five, or other reinforcers may be needed at the end of a successful run.

Assess, Impleement, Progress, Results.


We focus on the whole child

Every one of the ASD children we coach is different. We don’t have a “program” of autism fitness. We view autistic children’s behavior as statements of their needs.

Therefore, we focus on the whole child and develop an individualized program to move the child beyond perceived limitations.

We create individualized programs for each child to improve motor skills, strength, agility, speed, balance, endurance, flexibility and response to sensory information through exercise.

We raise the bar.

We raise the bar.


assess, progress, results

We assess each child’s current fitness and wellness level. We identify physical imbalances, strengths and weaknesses.

We focus on the unique challenges facing each child. Using compassion, consistency, and appropriate rewards. Then we set and monitor individual short and long term goals.

We enhance physical abilities and achieve empowerment with fun, laughter, goal setting, visualizations and positivity.